You’ve Learned Their Rules, Now Learn Your Rights!

Anyone who has been through freshman orientation knows what a brainwashing experience it can be. Administrators and counselors spend days lecturing incoming students on what they cannot say on campus, what the campus police are allowed to do at their whim, and the many ways that students are supposed to conform to the university’s will.

We students who believe in liberty, though, think freshmen need to hear the other side of the story.  Students need to know that the US Constitution gives them rights that do not end at the entryway to the ivory tower, that freedom of speech is paramount in higher education and there are limits to police power.  That is why SFL will be sponsoring the first ever Students Rights Week.  We invite all pro-liberty student groups across the country to join us in this important venture to make known what rights students have on campus.

We will provide the materials. You put them in the hands of students at your university by flyering the campus, setting up a table in the public square, bringing in a speaker, and hosting a movie night. Available resources include:

Students Rights Week will be the first week of school on every campus, ideally after new student orientation has occurred. The motto is “You’ve learned their rules, now learn your rights!” Not only is this a chance to educate your campus about students rights, but it is an opportunity to spread word about your organization and recruit new members.

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If you are interested in joining students across the U.S. by hosting a Students Rights Week on your campus, email Clark Ruper at