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  • Issue 4
  • AMA-GI: Roses are red, riots are blue
  • Issue 3: Short Fiction Contest Edition
  • Short Story Fiction Contest May 2014
  • Issue 2
  • Ama-gi: Second Edition
  • Issue 1
  • Ama-gi November 2013





















The Ama-Gi Art Initiative aims to showcase the aesthetics of a culture of liberty in its semiannual publication. You can join the students featured here who are finding creative ways to promote, explore, and challenge conceptions of liberty by submitting your creative work using the form below!

“What does ama-gi mean?”

ISFLC Art Exhibit and Performance

The best submissions we receive will be considered for display in the Ama-Gi Art Exhibit at the yearly International Students For Liberty Conference. These student artists have the opportunity to showcase and sell their work to over 1600 people at the world’s largest gathering of libertarian students.

Students are also given a chance to show off their performance-based talents at the ISFLC! Spoken word, poetry, music, dance — whatever it is, we want to see it! Submit a visual or audio file of your performance through the form below, and explain more about it in the artist’s statement box.

Submission Guidelines

Feel free to submit any kind of visual, literary, or auditory media (e.g. portraits, photos, paintings, poems, drawings, flyers, short stories, songs, skits, or videos). Submissions do not have to be explicitly or overtly libertarian to be considered, as long as they express some facet of the aesthetic beauty of liberty. Submissions are always open on a rolling basis for whenever inspiration strikes you next!

To be considered for the upcoming issue of the Ama-Gi Magazine, submit your work here.