Ama-Gi Magazine

Art is vital to creating a culture of liberty. Ama-Gi Magazine showcases the aesthetics of a culture of liberty!

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Want to get involved in the next issue? Scroll down to find out more and submit your art! All submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Space is limited, so apply early.

Art is integral to culture. Join SFL in expanding the culture of liberty with an artistic splash!

Ama-Gi Magazine

This semesterly publication showcases the best of student art promoting, exploring, and challenging conceptions of liberty.

Submissions do not have to be explicitly or overtly libertarian to be considered for inclusion. They only need to express some facet of the aesthetic beauty of liberty. We are accepting all media, visual and literary, so send us your portraits, photos, paintings, poems, sketches, drawings, songs, and videos through the form at the bottom of the page!

Art Exhibit

This year, SFL showcased the art of over a dozen students through it’s ISFLC Art Exhibit. Dozens of people stopped by to look at the pieces, and some of it was even sold!

We will be hosting another art exhibit at next year’s ISFLC. The best submissions we receive will be considered for display in an art exhibit at the 2015 International Students For Liberty Conference. You will have the opportunity to showcase and sell your work to over 1600 people at the world’s largest gathering of libertarian students.

Performances at the Art Exhibit
At the 2014 ISFLC, student art performers were given a chance to show off their talents. If your art is performance-based, there will be another opportunity for you to display it at next year’s ISFLC. Spoken word, poetry, music, dance — whatever it is, we want to see it! Submit a visual or audio file of your performance through the form below, and explain more about it in the artist’s statement box.

Flyers — celebrating the art inherent in activism
The truth is, student activists are already creating and utilizing art in order to promote the spread of liberty.  Most commonly, this comes in the form of flyers! Are you proud of a flyer that you created to help promote an event on campus? Is it attractive, or funny, or bold? We want to see it, and we want the rest of the movement to see it too! Send us your best flyers for inclusion in a collage at the 2013 ISFLC (Please ensure that your submissions do not violate copyright restrictions; submissions containing copyrighted images without permission will be discarded).



The deadline for submissions is to the second issue of Ama-gi Magazine has passed. To submit to the third issue, please use the form below.

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