Free Speech Webinars: Advance Free Speech on Your Campus

Attend SFL’s Online Courses in Organizing with Morgan Wang

Morgan Wang, a member of SFL’s Executive Board, will be running a series of three webinars focusing on how students can advance free speech on campus.

  • Session 1- Advancing Free Speech at Your Campus 101
      • February 28th, 8pm-9pm Eastern Time
      • Register here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/221326898
      • During the first session, Morgan will fill you in on what exactly Free Speech Week is, SFL’s history of helping students host Free Speech Week Events, the purpose of activism surrounding this issue, what comes in SFL’s free Free Speech Week kit, club activism event ideas, how to prepare your group for your events, how to get free resources and materials, and what goals you should set to maximize the campus exposure and overall success.

  • Session 2: Is Your Campus Group Ready For Free Speech Week?
    • During the second session, Morgan will highlight important questions such as:
      • Is everything ready?
      • If doing a wall, has space been reserved?
      • Is the administration on board?
      • Are you prepared for opposition?
      • Have you contacted local media?
      • Which information should you record? (# people, pictures, club signups)