Activism Grants

SFL is proud to provide financial resources to students protesting on campus. Student protests are some of the most important forms of student activism as they are extremely visible, have high rewards for minimal costs, and extremely fun. What’s more, student protests archetypically represent the collegiate experience. Unfortunately, most people automatically associate student protests with statism. These Student Protest resources are meant to empower students in a decentralized manner to hold protests for liberty and challenge statist voices on your campus. If you love liberty and want to make it known on campus, SFL has the tools to help you do it.

SFL has a number of resources available for students interested in hosting protests on campus. Here are a few of them:

  • Student Protests Handbook (pdf)
  • Resources from Other Organizations – SFL is well connected with many other pro-liberty organizations and have established a relationship to get additional materials to groups hosting major protests on their campus. These resources can include fliers/pamphlets on the topic of your protest, Pocket Constitutions, shirts, and other materials.
  • Student Protest Grants of $100-$500 to help cover the cost of your protest

Protest Grant Application

The purpose of these grants is to encourage student activism for liberty on campuses around the United States by providing both monetary and non-monetary support for student events that promote liberty.  Here are some examples of materials you may request funding for (note that all funded supplies must be legal and should not violate any university policies, these are merely suggested ideas):

  • Building materials for a Free Speech Wall
  • T-shirts tailored to your individual protests
  • Banners to use at an upcoming protest
  • Printing costs for mass-fliering of campus
  • Sledgehammer and an object to smash on Tax Day (4/17)
  • Water guns to distribute for gun rights protests
  • Duct tape and chains for protest art in the middle of campus (e.g. students chaining themselves up to represent government oppression)
  • Cigarettes/Cigars for anti-smoking ban protests
  • Cooking supplies for legal bake sales on 4/20

These grants are highly competitive and not every application will be funded. However, if your grant application does not receive financial support, but your event does promote the ideas of liberty, SFL will work to provide your event with as many non-monetary resources as possible. Submitting a Student Protest Grant application is a great way to let us know about your upcoming protest and access additional resources that SFL has available.

Past Protests

Part of this project’s purpose is to highlight the great work students are doing in protesting for liberty around the world.  We want to promote your event and feature successful protests for other students to take as inspiration.  If you host a protest for liberty on your campus, we strongly encourage you to send a description, pictures, videos, articles, and anything else about the event to us to add to our list of best student protests. Your efforts can be used to help other students host similar demonstrations and raise awareness of the cause of liberty.  Here are some examples of past protests:

Free Speech Wall at Pepperdine University

  • Free Speech Wall at Pepperdine University
  • Free Speech Wall at Pepperdine University
  • Peace Day Rally at George Mason University
  • 4/20 Rally and Brownie Sale at University of California, Berkeley
  • Free the Prisoners! Protest at Kent State University
  • George Washington University Liberty Society protest of Michael Moore’snew filmCapitalism: A Love Story – Watch as one SFL member challenges Moore during Q&A

Note: Student Protest Grants are meant to be awarded in the range of $100-$500 per protest.  All supplies purchased must be legal. All grant recipients will be notified as soon as a decision has been made and instructions for how to receive the grant will be given to the recipient student group upon notification.

The Protest Grant Program has now ended for the school year.