Econ 101


Econ 101 is a course produced by Students For Liberty and Certell. This course explains the economic way of thinking and how it can be used to make purposeful decisions in a variety of settings, why some nations prosper while others do not, and how the economy interacts with the political process.

The course is broken up into four parts. The first three constitute the basic course. The fourth part incorporates the lessons of the first three into four additional modules on practical personal finance.



The first three parts look at:

  • Basic economics
  • The sources of economic prosperity
  • The role of government in economics

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about economics, but didn’t know where to start, this is a learning experience you don’t want to miss. Since it’s self-driven, you can learn on your time and choose what to focus on. Even more experienced students of the dismal science will find the course to be a thorough refresher on the most important ideas in the economic discipline. Just click below to get started today!

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