SFL Academy is our one-stop shop for free educational resources related to understanding and advancing liberty. Check out what we have to offer below:

  • Liberty 101: Liberty 101 is an online course produced by Students For Liberty and Learn Liberty in which you will learn about the principles of a free society from a libertarian perspective. Explore 10 fundamental principles for a free and prosperous society as they relate to the philosophy, economics, and law.
  • Literature: Whether you want to learn the basics of liberty from the movement’s forefathers or explore advanced topics from contemporary thought leaders, SFL’s got you covered. Our literature section features six book to download as a free PDF or you can order physical copies for your student group at only the cost of shipping.
  • Speakers Bureau: Booking speakers for your student organization can be a great cost on your club’s time and budget. SFL is here to help with a streamlined list of libertarian experts willing to give a talk to your student group via Skype or Google Hangouts at no cost to you.
  • Liberty Fund Conferences: Since 2011, Students For Liberty has partnered with the Liberty Fund, Inc. to host weekend conferences for students to develop their intellectual understanding of liberty. Anyone who’s attended one of these exclusive events can testify to what an intellectually stimulating and fun experience they are. Participants read a packet of intellectually stimulating literature relating to a topic or theme curated by Liberty Fund’s network of academics and discuss their findings in a friendly round-table setting.
  • Virtual Reading Groups: SFL’s Virtual Reading Groups operate like Liberty Fund Conferences, in which participants are given a list of readings on the intellectual underpinnings of a free society and are then given the opportunity to share their own thoughts on the readings with each other. By creating a space for active discussion with other intellectually engaged students, led by capable and informed discussion leaders, VRGs give participants a unique chance to truly delve into a text in ways they might not have been able to on their own.
  • Webinar Archive: Throughout the years, SFL has amassed a library of recorded webinars from some of the leading libertarian voices about numerous topics in philosophy, politics, and economics. How can government fix the higher education bubble? What is Ayn Rand’s theory of natural rights? Tune in to our videos for answers to these questions and many more.
  • Left-Libertarian Digital Resources: In line with SFL’s big-tent philosophy, Senior Campus Coordinator Cory Massimino put together a digital resource bank for students interested in the intersection between libertarianism and the left. Check it out for information on libertarian feminism, left-anarchism, and collective organizing.