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12301579_1659891900917033_8635603277098365976_nToday, the students of Princeton’s Open Campus Coalition will meet with Princeton President, Christopher L. Eisgruber per their request in an open letter released last week (see below). There has already been quite a lot written about the brave stand these students have made in the face of the illiberal demands of Princeton’s Black Justice League (to which the administration has so far largely acquiesced).

While it is undeniable that it is important to recognize and discuss the disgusting racism of men like Woodrow Wilson, it’s hard to see how completely expunging him from Princeton’s institutional memory will achieve that goal, especially if this is done over the dissenting cries of members of the Princeton community.

Even more worrying, is the call for “cultural competency training” and a public conversation “on the true role of freedom of speech and freedom of intellectual thought.” Such language makes clear that dissenting opinions on the role of free speech in a liberal society will not be welcome in that conversation. As one student related in the Daily Princetonian: (more…)


Students For Liberty (SFL) is pleased to announce that Nadezhda Tolokonnikova from the Russian protest punk band Pussy Riot will be headlining the 9th International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC16) on Friday night. She and a bandmate will kick off the largest annual gathering of libertarian students with a talk and Q&A session.

Pussy Riot’s anti-authoritarian stunts have gained international attention and the Kremlin’s ire in recent years. Tolokonnikova was famously arrested in 2012 after performing a song critical of Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral. She was released in December 2013 after nearly two years in detention. Only two months later, Tolokonnikova was famously attacked with whips by Cossack militia members at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In the past year, Pussy Riot have begun releasing English language songs, turning their attention to more international political topics. In February, they released “I Can’t Breathe,” a song titled after Eric Garner’s famous last words and dedicated to “all those from Russia to America and around the globe who suffer from state terror.” In November, they released “Refugees In,” filmed at Banksy’s Dismaland exhibit, calling on the international community to welcome persecuted peoples fleeing violence in the Middle East.

Register today for $5 off as a #CyberMonday special. Prices go up $10 tomorrow, so save $15 while you can today! You won’t want to miss the chance to see Pussy Riot live at ISFLC16.

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amazon-smile.fw_This holiday season, support the student movement for liberty with AmazonSmile. For every eligible purchase on Amazon, Students For Liberty can receive 0.5% back to support our student programs. That’s 0.5% to support students like Thomas who’s standing up for his First Amendment rights on campus despite the administration’s best efforts to quell them. Or Kaytee, who’s fighting back against her professors’ political bias.

Whether you’re hitting the web today for Black Friday or waiting to do your holiday shopping later, click here to designate a portion of the proceeds from your holiday purchases to SFL!

From all of us at SFL, happy holiday season!

12247044_1124770400883961_1441380499799967205_nIf there’s one thing most libertarians have in common, it’s that we’re related to some people who… aren’t libertarians. We love them anyway, but sometimes it makes large family functions difficult to navigate.

We know our families don’t agree with us about everything – and we know we’re not going to convince them over the course of one meal. Besides, we don’t always want to be the spokesperson for our entire political ideology (not the mention everyone else who identifies with it). So to help you avoid ticking off more family members than necessary this Thanksgiving, here are some tips for getting through the holidays as a hardcore liberty advocate.

First, an important disclaimer: I haven’t actually put all of these into practice, so I’m not making any guarantees; they just sounded like good ideas.


In a super-cool hero-themed announcement last week, The Future Project (TFP) named the 50 nominees for this year’s Future Awards Africa. The awards are meant to “celebrate young people between the ages of 18 and 31, who have made outstanding achievement in the year under consideration,” and recognize young Africans for contributions across ten categories, including Advocacy & Activism — the category under which our own Olumayowa Okediran was nominated!   Advocacy-Olumayowa-Okediran

It’s a great honor to have an SFL staffer listed among such “an inspiring mix of superstars like television host Trevor Noah (South Africa), singer Yemi Alade (Nigeria) and change makers such as Botswansian Queen Baboloki and Segawa Patrick (Uganda).” Here’s what The Future Project had to say about Olumayowa:

Olumayowa Okediran leads a crop of young people across Africa dedicated to promoting human rights and individual liberties as well as market-based solutions to Africa’s problems. He founded African Students For Liberty in Nigeria in 2013 and the organization quickly expanded to 10 African countries networking and training thousands of young Africans. With hubs in several Universities  across  Africa, Okediran  travels extensively giving lectures  in Universities and conferences around the world.

Through African Students For Liberty, Okediran has reached thousands of young Africans from Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia and Uganda. Okediran has trained these young people on the use of entrepreneurial based approaches in developing their advocacy programs. These efforts have led to the establishment of advocacy and research think tanks in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and The Gambia.

Olumayowa co-authored the book “Why Liberty” with an extensive focus on the development of private enterprise in Africa. 350,000 copies of the book have been distributed in English across the globe and the book translated to Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Greek.

With over 100 volunteers engaging over 4,000 students in 18 African countries, Olumayowa has built African Students For Liberty into the largest free-market and human rights youth movement on the continent. Asides from his role building the youth movement for liberty in Africa, Olumayowa in 2014 became a Policy Analyst with the Independent Entrepreneurship Group based in Cape Town and also a mentor for Refugee students studying at Kiron University in Berlin via Kwantum Mentoring Ltd.

The 10th annual Future Awards Africa will take place this December after touring through ten major cities across the continent to host town hall events. This year’s theme is Imagine Africa! which TFP says was “chosen to highlight young Africans who are fulfilling the promise of the continent by conquering the unlimited frontiers of imagination. TFAA is proud to demonstrate the richness and variety of positive change catalysed by these young ideas.”

Congratulations to our dear colleague Olumayowa on his well-deserved nomination!  #‎BecauseSuperheroesdonthavetobefictional‬