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On June 24, 1932, something remarkable happened in the country now known as Thailand: a bloodless coup was carried out by 102 people (many of them students) which overthrew nearly 700 years of rule by an absolute monarchy and led to Thailand’s first constitution.siam

The seeds of the revolution started growing in 1927 when Pridi Phanomyong was sent on a government scholarship to study politics at a university in Paris, where he began to admire the system of constitutional monarchy in France. Indeed, it was at a hotel in Paris where seven students from Siam met to found a party, the Promoters, to bring about change in their homeland. Understanding the difficulty in bringing about a mass revolution for democracy, they went home and focused their efforts on recruiting key influential and powerful people, including those in the military.


Power of WordsSFL is currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 Blog Team and strong writers are encouraged to apply!

As a member of the Blog Team, you would write two posts per month on timely issues related to liberty. Past members of our Blog Team have written articles on topics such as free speech on campus, purity versus pragmatism in libertarian thought, and what the United States should (or shouldn’t) do about the Islamic State.

If you want to make your voice heard this year, apply before August 15th! 

As a member of the Blog Team, you will:

  • Hone your writing skills
  • Engage with the philosophy of liberty
  • Meet with other bloggers
  • Work alongside talented writers and editors

Click below to apply and become a member of the Blog Team today!

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The following post is from SFL’s 2015-2016 Annual Report.

Following the great success of two Regional Conferences in Kiev and Lviv (which gathered more than 250 students each), European Students For Liberty (ESFL) leaders in Ukraine have continued the great work from the fall semester into the first months of 2016 as well. SFL Ukraine

There has been a visible growth of the SFL network in Ukraine through a big increase in leadership in ESFL, namely the Local Coordinator Program, as well as the aforementioned conferences in Kiev and Lviv. With the generous help of our sponsors and friends, we have managed to jump start the student liberty movement and bring more and more bright and talented individuals in from all parts of Ukraine. The message of peace, free trade, and individual liberty is getting louder and louder.


Education VRG

Ever wonder how and why the state became the primary provider of education in the modern era? State education has become especially pervasive at the k-12 level and, while this has not occurred without its detractors, many now accept state-sponsored education as a given. Criticisms of public schools, however, are not restricted to contemporary thought and this is especially evident through the classical liberal tradition.

Students For Liberty is now offering a Virtual Reading Group centered around education and classical liberalism. The reading group will examine the topic of state education at the k-12 level in three phases:

  • The history of the state as educator.
  • Classical liberal critiques of state education.
  • How k-12 education may look in a classical liberal society.

Apply now to take part in this Virtual Reading Group with Dr. Kevin Currie-Knight of East Carolina University.

Meeting times:  Tuesdays, July 12 – August 23 7pm EDT

Application deadline: Friday, July 8

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2015-2016 was both the most challenging and most inspiring year for Students For Liberty yet. In many ways, the tides of tyranny rose around the globe. At the same time, though, the student movement for liberty did not stand idly by. Over the course of the past year, SFL’s students and alumni took on a corrupt government in Brazil, personally provided relief for those in need from tragedies like the earthquake in Ecuador, and introduced more young people to the principles of economic, social, and intellectual freedom than ever before.

This is why I’m pleased to share with you SFL’s 2015-2016 Annual Report, which details how this past year was the biggest and most meaningful year of Students For Liberty to date. By the numbers, SFL continued to grow at an incredible pace:

That’s an 8% growth in student groups, 129% growth in leaders trained, 92% growth in conferences run, 120% growth in conference attendees, and 52% growth in media attention! These are incredible numbers. As I write in my final Letter from the President, the size and scope of Students For Liberty today is beyond anything we ever imagined when we started SFL almost a decade ago.

New Call-to-actionBeyond the numbers, every data point represents the story of a student who is learning about and standing up for liberty thanks to SFL. Take James Michel in Haiti for instance, whose story you can read about on page 14.

Jean Charles “James” Michel first joined SFL as a Charter Teams member in fall 2015 and, after completing Liberty 101, he quickly set to work recruiting for SFL Haiti. Facing obstacles like poor internet access and a hostile university administration, James met each challenge with grace and creativity. When the group found a restaurant willing to let them meet – but only on the condition that each member buy something – James bought juice for everyone present, knowing that some students couldn’t afford the cost. Today, the group has grown from four students to 20, has an active presence on Twitter, and even sent a few members to this year’s ISFLC.

This is the kind of dedication to that one can expect from all SFL leaders. This is the way the student movement for liberty is growing. This is how the student movement for liberty changes the world. This is the kind of story each number in the Annual Report represents.

As far as SFL and the student movement for liberty has come, there is much more for us to do. In the meantime, though, I want to thank you for being part of and supporting Students For Liberty. I hope you enjoy reading through the rest of the report and take pride in the growth of SFL and student movement for liberty.

2015-2016 was SFL’s best year yet. Together, we have high hopes for 2016-2017 being even greater. Here’s to a freer future!